Westhope and Lawton’s Hope. Field paths, lanes, woods and common. Six mile moderate ramble. Quite steeply hilly between points 2 and 3.

Map: Leominster & Bromyard, Explorer 202.

Buses: 491 & 498 call at Corner House, Westhope.

THE ROUTE 1. Upper House. Having approached Westhope from junction on A4110 below Pyon Hill, as you turn left at bottom of hamlet, don’t take next right bend, instead park ahead, near but not across Bulmers Orchard gateway. Now walk gently up beyond bend past ‘The Briars’ to Westhope bus shelter. Bear R past phone, ‘The Knowe’, TR along path opposite ‘Speedwell’ and fork R through gate on grass over stile by ‘Meadow View’. Bear R up field, over stile, half L on same line across next field, and stile. Follow next field R edge 100m to bear R over stile by gate, 50m to next stile/gate, then L edge over stiles and steps across sunken path. Follow L edge, cross stile (L), R edge/hedge, through rusty gate (R), immediately L through newer one, to put original hedge on L, out of field onto farm drive at far end.

2. Lawton’s Hope. TL between buildings and TL again through gate, up avenue, farm house behind, over broken gate into wood, keeping L to wooden gate, back out of wood. Slope down field on same line, through gate, bear L across two-plank f/bridge, very steeply up bank, R of cottage, over stile. Move a few paces L, climb five steps, up sunken path, 16 more steps, between cottages, up to cross paths, and TR to the ‘Backwoods’ leonine gateway.

3. ‘Backwoods’. Enter dark lane, then cross stile (R) into the open, follow R field edge for 100m, then TR over double stile. Cross field, now above Lawton’s Hope Wood, over stile, and TR along field edge, heading towards transmitter.

Ahead over stile at ‘The Cotts’ farm, bear R over drive to cross stile (L) to follow R field edge for 250 metres.

4. Marker post (careful!) Turn 330° sharp left on yourself, to cross field towards hedge and go through gap on near side of it. (At time of writing) bear L across next field above barn to pick up gravel track left of reservoir. Exit field through gate, along drive, pass ‘Rose Cottage’, bear R, pass ‘Elm View’, and TR at triangle, over grid on to Westhope Common.

5. Westhope Hill Common. Bear R on rutted grass, and bear R again following ruts towards buildings of ‘Broomwell’. 100m short of a road, turn sharp L (again!) back towards highest point of common. Now start to bear L to top corner of hedge, skirt to the R of it, passing enclosure with tree and tower. Turn immediately left at far end of hedge, stay L, and just before grid and gateway, bear R still on common, to follow L edge through gap, waymarked metal gate, and L edge ahead to find stile (L) leading into wood.

6. Westhope Wood. Find marker post 130m into wood, turn sharp L down for 35m and TR at marker. Bear L at next marker, pass three stumps, an old gate, to find stile (L) out of wood. Stay on top edge by wood till you reach a hillock, where pass down to go through gates above, then L, of farm buildings down on to road.

7 Westhope. TL three-quarters-of-a-mile along road to Westhope bus shelter, then R back down to start.