LEOMINSTER’S Millennium Clock is back up to speed after a fault made it late.

The £20,000 timepiece was overhauled earlier this summer after it started chiming just over an hour late.

Molly Cooke, chairman of the committee which helped install it in 2007, said it is working again, although it still needs more work.

“There was a problem with the timing which has been fixed although we are still awaiting a part on the ducking stool to be mended.”

The ducking stool was controversially put on the clock face as Leominster was the last town in England to duck a woman in the river.

Parts had to be sent to France for repair.

Leominster Town Council was told it could have been caused by vandals although Mrs Cooke said no-one could be certain.

“Mechanisms are funny and the slightest thing can complicate them.”