LEOMINSTER MP Bill Wiggin may still have some explaining to do over his expenses.

His constituency party is facing calls for another public meeting on the issue.

Constituency chairman Christopher George has said that organisational issues saw some people left out of the meeting at Leominster's Rankin Club last Wednesday (May 27).

The Constituency party has categorically denied claims that non-Tories were kept out of the meeting, pointing to the make-up of an audience that quickly packed the club to standing room only.

But now there are calls for a second meeting at another, bigger, venue.

Special surgeries for the MP to address specific concerns from constituents who believe they were denied a hearing are also being considered.

At the Rankin meeting Mr Wiggin rejected calls for his re-selection saying he wasn't going to go if he wasn't guilty.

He told the audience that a form-filling "mistake" had him claim more than £11,000 in mortgage related expenses against the Herefordshire home he bought outright when the money was meant for his address in London - which does have a mortgage.

He said he had no financial benefit whatsoever from the situation and put the payments down to an error repeated 23 times on claims forms until it was pointed out.

Speaking afterwards the MP told the Hereford Times he was confident he had addressed the issues around his expenses.

But dissent within the wider constituency remains focussed not so much on the error itself, but the circumstances that allowed it to happen.