CONTROVERSIAL comedian Jo Brand showed her caring side in a visit to the county this week.

The comic, who is well-known for a wealth of television appearances, has lots of Herefordshire connections – her forthcoming novel, The More You Ignore Me, is about two Morrissey fans based in the county.

But it was her desire to help Megan Baker House, the Moreton Eye charity which helps disabled people, that saw her pay a visit to the county.

It provides free conductive education services to children and teenagers with motor disabilities such as cerebral palsy, head injury, stroke, dyspraxia and adults with Parkinson’s disease.

It also offers a range of activities designed to encourage development of physical independence, social and communication skills, and life skills.

And when charity founder, Jo Baker Watson, sought the comedian’s help in London 15 months ago, she found she there was more to Jo Brand than punchlines.

“Jo came to see me and threatened me with violence,”

joked Ms Brand.

“I met this very hard working women whose charity comes straight from her heart and I just wanted to help.”

Ms Brand compared the work of the Herefordshire charity with those in the capital.

“They have public relations people and celebs with huge events every week but very little substance.

Jo is a very lovely person and she also had a nursing background, like me,” she said.

“I love children and have worked for Barnardo’s and I have also worked as a psychiatric nurse – there are so few people who understand disabilities or people with mental illnesses.”

It certainly seems that Jo’s visit went down well.

“What you see is what you get,” said Ms Baker Watson. “She really is a very generous person in terms of what she will give and how she will support you.

“Despite all the controversy, the one thing that is important to her heart is family and children.”

Laughter will play a major part in future fundraising for the charity. Jo will play a comedy night at the Worcester Warriors ground, Sixways, on February 27 to help raise funds for Megan Baker House.