RESIDENTS upset about a proposed wind farm on the Welsh border have protested on the foothills of the planned site.

The Stonewall Hill and Reeves Hill Conservation Group, chaired by Dr Stephen Hugh-Jones, held banners and placards as motorists passed Stonewall Hill, near Lingen, over the bank holiday.

The group says the four planned wind turbines would be an eyesore affecting tourism, reducing house prices and affecting the health of nearby residents.

“We’ve received a lot of support from passing motorists,” said Dr Hugh-Jones.

“The turbines will be around 105 metres high, and are very noisy. We are not against renewable energy, but onshore turbines will not stop global warming. “If the government wants to put up wind farms, offshore would be the best place because of the reliability of the wind. The damage that will be caused by them in this area is grossly disproportionate to their economic benefit.” The group fears few people are aware of the planned scheme, adding it hoped the developers would fly blimps over the Stonewall and Reeves Hill area to allow residents to see for themselves what the wind farm could look like.

Dr Hugh-Jones said planners at Herefordshire Council had registered the application and were entering a three-week stage where objections could be submitted.

The proposals have been made by Bolsterstone Plc and Marches Green Energy, which estimates the farm could provide renewable energy to power up to 7,326 homes, producing electricity for 25 years.

In March, the developers held an exhibition displaying the proposals, which was attended by around 200 people. Mike Corker, director of Bolsterstone, said: “The exhibitions went well and provided an excellent opportunity to meet with local people to discuss how the community could help to combat climate change.” More information is available at