THANK you for publishing a digital visualisation of Hereford’s transport hub (New transport hub gets the green light, May 16).

The children in the foreground appear to be flying a kite.

Appropriate as the head of planning has described the hub as a “wind tunnel”!


Councillor Baker has responded to criticism by declaring that “everyone’s an expert”. I write as someone who has used buses and the railway in Herefordshire since 1992. I don’t claim to be an expert but no one has asked me and I suspect that many councillors can’t remember the last time they used a bus. I used the 476 to commute to the Country Bus Station over many years when I worked at the hospital.

I am told that the plan for The Country Bus Station is to build a multi-storey car park on it! Rather than use the bus, commuters and travellers will all drive into Hereford and park there! They can drive in all the traffic and pay extortionate car parking charges. This is an excellent way for Herefordshire Council to increase their income to replace the £60m plus central government funding they have lost over more than 10 years, but not so good for the environment.

What are your thoughts?

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We are told that the new transport hub will accommodate “50 buses an hour”. These buses have drivers. Where will they use the toilet, take a break, have lunch, if not at the “lay over” bays available at the Country Bus Station?

I would ask designers Arup to think again. Design a plan which incorporates The Country Bus Station into the plan for sustainable transport in Herefordshire. Can they design a walkway to get passengers to and from the railway station, so that we can avoid having to cross all those roads?