HAVE you ever tried zooming down the pavements in Park Street in Hereford?

They have been left in a dreadful state since telecommunications company Zoom laid their cables.

The trenches, which were filled with tarmac, have now mostly sunk, leaving behind a nasty ankle turner between the original surface and the tarmac.


I have lived in the street for many years and never seen the pavements looking so dangerous.

I now use a three-wheeled walking aid and where my front wheel leads, the other two refuse to follow!

What are your thoughts?

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There are still loose chippings around that catch on my wheels, bringing me to a sudden unexpected stop.

Are there any funds available to remedy this situation?

I have to add that the men doing the work were very pleasant and helpful, moving barriers so that we could access our properties, or putting small ramps in place to avoid stepping on the pavement.