DO you know how we get work done by Herefordshire Council’s contractors Balfour Beatty on the roads, gutters, trees, drains, pavements, and public footpaths in the residential areas of our county?

I wrote to the council to tell them of problems in our area on September 13 and had a reply on September 18. It is now November and they have put job numbers in place, but still nothing happens.

What are your thoughts?

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The locality steward has been around and said everything is fine, with no work needed. The public footpath is clear by my side and my neighbour’s as we keep the weeds down. But the bottom half ? Brambles coming from no-man’s land, trees taking root, weeds four feet tall, and ivy growing across the path. I don’t use it now. I go the long way round, as I don’t want to get tangled in a bramble.

I rang the councillor weeks ago, and he is supposedly getting back to me.

What do we pay rates for? Street lighting and rubbish collections?