A RECENT correspondent reminded us of the architectural beauties of the Shirehall including, among many other things, the lovely proportions its windows. A good place, one might think, in which children could enhance a love of reading.

Your picture in last week’s issue showed how the hall might look if used as a library.

Horrible, horrible, horrible!

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Beside being completely at odds with the style of the room, the rectangular blocks of bookcases hide the whole of the lower part of the windows, which would probably also be accompanied by modern signage. Completely wrong in that historic room, but they would suit a library in Maylord Orchards perfectly!

I have fond memories, both visual and musical, from attending concerts in that hall: surely the city still has a permanent need for a central hall for concerts of many sorts, which is also available for hire at other times?

However far arrangements have proceeded, they urgently need a rethink!