WHAT concept of a library did the picture of the Shirehall reveal (Hereford’s new library an ‘£8-million white elephant’, October 27)?

Bookshelves, easy chairs and someone standing drinking coffee, but no children or families wanting to multi-task, nor library staff working to share the pleasure of learning.

The High Sheriff’s letter (Letters, November 2) is a clear warning to appreciate this need.


Our Shirehall was built with pride and with a sense of purpose. It lost both and has been poorly maintained. It is not easy to access or feel comfortable in.

It was intimidating for council meetings.

What are your thoughts?

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The library in Norwich guided the consultation group for the Maylord site. Norwich Council has won awards because it puts people first. Our council can now also take full advantage of the empty Wilko space. The council should, of course, be preparing a costed plan for repairing and maintaining the Shirehall.


However, this will not give us a modern, accessible library we can be proud of, especially when money has already been allocated for the library, and the Maylord building is in a much better state.

Access to a modern library is vital and urgent in the world of technological innovation.