PLANS are progressing for a large housing estate to be built in Leominster.

Persimmon Homes intends to construct 317 homes at Baron’s Cross Camp, a site that is currently brownfield land.

“It’s a travesty really,” said Councillor Jenny Bartlett at a planning and highways committee meeting. 

“It’s actually the most biodiverse area we’ve got.”


The Leominster Council planning and highways committee meeting discussed the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of the estate.

There were particular concerns about phosphate treatment due to the amount of wastewater, which would be produced by such a large development. The committee also acknowledged the issues that would arise regarding bus routes and tree preservation orders.

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Cllr Jacqueline Herschy said: “The whole thing is going to affect the town.

“It’s going to have an adverse effect on the town.”

It is not the first time developers have targeted Baron’s Cross Camp but previous plans have failed to come to fruition.

The site was originally home to a US military hospital during the Second World War. It was later used as a farm but has been unused since the late 1990s.