I live in Gorsley and my children both attend Gorsley Goffs Primary School.

Despite the crossing by the school, I have lost count of the number of times that motorists have run the red light there.


I have had two particularly close calls, when I was already part way across the road, thankfully my children were already dropped off in school each time.

If there is a bit of a traffic queue for drop zone, then you see motorists doing all sorts of stupid things, most commonly trying to overtake a long queue of traffic, only to have to stop at the crossing for a red light on the wrong side of the road, then oncoming traffic also arrives at the crossing and an even bigger traffic jam ensues.

What are your thoughts?

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There used to be a lollipop lady who could regale many close calls and stupid drivers. Even with all her high viz clothing, and the lights, you couldn’t be certain cars would stop.

My kids are hopefully learning to look at the behaviour of the drivers and not just trust the green man, but I can’t imagine letting them cross on their own.