LAST November there was a consultation exercise by Herefordshire Council regarding the new transport hub design.

Rail and Bus for Herefordshire made comments, but these appear to have been totally ignored and the plans have now been submitted as planning application P233009/F.


The new plan uses land to the west of the medical centre to enable buses to lay over, which is supposed to be earmarked for the canal basin terminus.

Motorists will be pleased to know that the plan also involves yet another junction on the City Link Road and a right-hand turn to enable buses to reach either their stand or their layover.

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Presumably, this is to be paid for using the £952,037 allocated to Herefordshire by the Government for this year to improve bus services as we have seen no improvement in services and some parishes have actually lost their services since this was allocated.

I appreciate that the previous Conservative administration showed their support for public transport by building the student accommodation and medical centre, but leaving the remaining land into which the hub could be squeezed has made it a difficult exercise.

We should remember that this is a once in a lifetime chance to get it right.