OF course there should be doubts about the proposed new bridge over the river Wye east of Hereford as far as the question of relieving traffic congestion in the centre of the city is concerned (Shock change of heart on Hereford’s eastern river crossing plan, September 28).

A simple look at the geography demonstrates this. South of the river, there are two main routes, the A49 to Ross and the A465 to Abergavenny. There are also the two A roads to Monmouth, both of which feed into the A49 some way south of Hereford. To the north of the river, there are no fewer than seven A roads fanning out to various destinations.

Few will dispute that the worst issue with through traffic in Hereford is the section of A49 between Greyfriars Bridge and Holmer. How will the proposed eastern crossing help with this?

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It will connect with just one of the A roads north of the river, the A438 to Ledbury.

If you are coming from south of the river and heading for the A465 to Bromyard or anywhere further west or north, you will still have to plough through Hereford, or use rat-runs on minor roads. And if you want to go (say) from Ross to Ledbury or Worcester, you aren’t going to come anywhere near Hereford in the first place.

Connecting Rotherwas to the A438 is just a (very) partial solution to the problem, whatever the expense.