A HEREFORDSHIRE primary school has said that its children are “in grave danger” on its village road.

Parents and staff at Gorsley Goffs Primary School, near Ross-on-Wye, have been worried about the speed of traffic for at least 25 years, but agree that the problem is getting worse as the speed limit is not enforced.

The school and local families are now pushing for the speed limit to be reduced from the current 40 miles per hour.

Headteacher Mr Simon Manning said: “Excessive speeding has become commonplace on the roads surrounding our school premises. The speed limit signs seem to be ignored which has led to several near miss accidents and instances of pedestrians, especially children, in grave danger.”

The school secretary Mrs Nicki Manning added that the problem had been a subject for debate for the duration of her 23 years as secretary.

Mrs Liz Fishpool, who was a lollipop lady at Gorsley for 25 years, said that she had many near misses at work as she witnessed cars speed off the motorway and ignore the limit.

“I do feel for the kids,” she said. “The speed has always been a problem, but it has got worse. I knew that when I left, they wouldn’t replace me, and since I retired, I’ve had a couple of calls asking me to come back but I don’t have the time.”

One parent, Ellie Clark, has started a campaign called Gear Down Gorsley, hoping to persuade the council to alter the speed limit. She said: “I’m scared it will be one of my kids that ends up in front of a lorry. There have been several near misses of children and adults and several crashes off the M50 recently.”

Hereford Times: Parents and children are asking cars to gear down for GorsleyParents and children are asking cars to gear down for Gorsley (Image: Rob Davies)

Mrs Clark’s parents Paul and Diane Weitz expressed concern for their grandchildren’s safety, telling the Hereford Times: “The situation looks very much to us like a serious accident waiting to happen, in view of the traffic along this stretch of road, which can be quite frightening particularly on account of the lorries, which are fast, noisy, and dangerous to children and adults alike.

"Clearly, little attention is paid to the current limit of 40mph along this fast road.”

Other parents have also spoken out in support of Mrs Clark’s campaign.


Rachel Cran-Combie said that even vehicles sticking to the speed limit are “terrifying” and called for the limit to be reduced, while Amy Teague said: “We walk to school every day and the traffic on that road goes so fast. I have also witnessed traffic jumping the red lights when I was about to cross the road with my children.”

Lucie Parry added: “I am so concerned about the traffic by the school it makes me feel quite sick.”

Ganesh Sherchan owns the Roadmaker, a pub on the same road, and said: “I have run the Roadmaker Inn since 2007. I have had bad experiences from the speeding but I’m lucky to have escaped an accident.”

Hereford Times: Ganesh Sherchan has spoken out about speed in the village, near his pubGanesh Sherchan has spoken out about speed in the village, near his pub (Image: Rob Davies)

There were over 20 reported accidents in and around the B4221 in Gorsley from 2017 to 2021, according to the most recent data from Crash Map.

There have also been several crashes in the last few weeks in this area.

The police and Herefordshire Council were approached for comment.