MY daughter owes her life to a very junior nurse at Hereford County Hospital who advised me back in 1983 to ask for a second opinion.

As there was only one paediatrician working at the hospital at that time, this meant my five-year-old daughter was referred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where it was discovered she had pancreatitis, not flu.


This is extremely rare in childhood. Appropriate action undoubtedly saved her life. I don’t know her name, but I have always remembered this junior nurse with the deepest gratitude.

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The Government has said it is committed to bringing in Martha’s Rule, entitling patients to a second opinion, after a campaign by the parents of 13-year-old Martha Mills, who died in hospital after developing sepsis.

Rare diseases do strike unexpectedly, and mistakes are sometimes made. Martha’s Rule, if passed, will ensure that a second opinion is always available, protecting patients and doctors alike.

Please show support for this by contacting your MP to ensure Martha’s Rule is enacted by this parliament.