I READ “Where all the new homes will go” (September 21) with alarm.

I have repeatedly asked Herefordshire Council who they expect to live in all these new houses, bearing in mind that there is no significant housing shortage in this county, that we have few well-paid jobs to offer, and that these new houses are almost all unaffordable for the people who need to live here. I am still awaiting a reply.

Arguments about “working from home” are nonsense!

What are your thoughts?

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Moreover, there were good reasons why two big developments were initially linked to building the city’s now-cancelled western bypass and southern link road. Like it or not, 5,000 new homes will generate 5,000 new cars on Hereford’s roads, increasing the congestion as well as the carbon emissions. And do we have the infrastructure and facilities to support massive developments?

Boris Johnson’s “build, build, build” policy was based on conditions prevailing in London and a few major industrial areas.


This is a rural county. All these houses are being built on greenfield sites and will take several hundred acres out of use for agriculture, leisure and wildlife habitats – permanently.

We have to ask why Herefordshire Council feels unable to challenge a national policy which is inappropriate for this area and already being discredited.

My only hope is that the new alliance with the similar counties of Shropshire, Monmouthshire and Powys will bring better understanding and housing policies to this county before it’s too late.