TWO cars have been seized after catching the eye of police in a Herefordshire town, despite the drivers' attempts to evade capture.

A suspicious vehicle was spotted driving around BRomyard on September 26, a spokesperson for Bromyard Safer Neighbourhood Team said. 

It was spotted between Bringsty and Bromyard shortly afterwards by a dog unit.

The driver and passenger of the car, which appeared to have false registration plates, did not want to hang around and made their escape on foot, the spokesperson said.


The car has been seized for road traffic offences and the investigation is ongoing.

A second car, which was uninsured, was also spotted while officers were patrolling the town centre. 

"The driver tried to be sneaky and hide on someone’s driveway whilst we turned around, however we’ve seen this trick before and it doesn’t work," the spokesperson said.

The driver has been reported for driving without insurance or a licence

"He can expect fines of at least £400 and a minimum of nine penalty points," the spokesperson said.