PLANS to slash speed limits in a Herefordshire town have been considered by councillors.

A 20 miles per hour speed limit had been proposed for two streets in Bromyard, a recent meeting of the town's full council heard, following a request raised by local stakeholders.

A letter sent by Herefordshire Council to statutory consultees in June said the speed limit cut would be funded as part of the Extraordinary Market Town Funds project.

It explained that the proposed change sought primarily to improve road safety, especially for pedestrians, local residents, and users of the town centre.


It also said the proposal was aimed at "avoiding danger to persons or other traffic using the road or any other road or for preventing the likelihood of such danger arising", and "for the preservation and improvement of the amenity of the area concerned".

The proposal to slash the speed limit in Broad Street and High Street had gone before the town's traffic management committee, which had recommended refusal of the scheme, before going before the town's full council, where councillors agreed to reject it, recently published minutes reveal.

A default 20 miles per hour speed limit has recently been introduced on restricted roads in Wales.

The Welsh Government said the change had been made to reduce the number of crashes and severe injuries, encourage more people to walk and cycle, improve health and well-being, make the streets safer, and safeguard the environment for future generations.

In Hereford, proposals were made to turn the city into a "20 mile-an-hour-city" in 2022, while a public meeting was held about 20 miles per hour limits in Herefordshire at the Left Bank in September.