WORK is to start next month on improving the county's rural roads.

The programme will begain with 'patching repair work' as part of the Department for Transport’s £2.558m additional investment for highways.

This, Herefordshire Council say, is in preparation for further injection of funding next year that will focus on an extensive surface treatment on areas of the network.


 This is in addition to the council’s annual spend on the A and B classified parts of its road network.

Herefordshire roads that will be improved in October 2023

  • C1105 - Ivington Road, Newtown for five days
  • C1082 - Gorsty Corner to Bearwood Cross, Bearwood for four days
  • C11060 - from A44 to C1059, near Hatfield for four days
  • C1109 - Auberrow Road to Parks Lane, near Wellington for two days

Herefordshire roads that will be improved in November 2023

  • C1205 - Green Lane to Rhydunnog Lane, Michaelchurch Escley for 13 days
  • C1234 - Bagwylldiart to Pontrilas Court for five days
  • C1294 to C1293 - Court Farm, Kynaston for three days
  • C1080 - Track south of Pennsylvania to Bad Patch Wood for 11 days
  • C1154 to A417 - Millend Farm, Canon Frome for nine days
  • C1125 to A417 - The Vauld, Bodenham village for four days
  • C1289 - The Old Lodge, Much Marcle for three days

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Herefordshire roads that will be improved in December 2023

  • C1155 - Heywood Lane to Cold Green, near Ashperton for five days 
  • C1098 - between Lulham Cottage and Madleyfor four days
  • C1234 - Bagwylldiart Farm rto Little Hill Road, Orcop for five days
  • U93018 - Hereford Lane near Kingsland village for two days

Herefordshire roads that will be improved in January 2024

  • C1110 - Little Maidenhyde to C1116 via Pencombe for 17 days
  • C1283 to C1289 - Kingstone, near Rudhall for five days
  • C1230 - The Gwern to Cross Lyde near Wormbridge for two days
  • U94010 - Enfield Lane, Risbury for one day
  • U72618 - Holbatch Lane, Sutton St Nicholas for one day
  • C1113 - Ketch Lane, Bodenham for four days
  • U91607 - Stansbatch for five days
  • C1099 to A480 - Upper Barn Lane for eight days

Herefordshire roads that will be improved in February 2024

  • U73006 - Parks Lane, Cano Pyon for one day
  • C1190 to A438 - Brook at the Boat House, Breinton for five days
  • U91607 - Stockley Cross to Milton Cross for two days
  • C1130 - Lock Lane, Withington for four days
  • C1055 - Hamnish Bank to C110 for five days

 Herefordshire roads that will be improved in March 2024

  • C1272 - Carey Wood to Burnt House Road, Fawley for nine days

The programme has been developed using asset management processes, including all available data, such as surveys and statutory inspections, to select sections of road that are at the optimum point in their life cycle for being surface dressed. 

In addition to considering existing highways drainage issues at sites, it is aimed at preventing these roads from deteriorating to the point where they require expensive resurfacing. 

The works will be carried out by Balfour Beatty Living Places.