JESSE Norman has praised a business that operates in Herefordshire.

The MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire recently made a visit to the home meals delivery company, Wiltshire Farm Foods’ Ross-on-Wye depot.

He was shown crates of plastic trays which Wiltshire Farm Foods has collected from customers, and which under its recycling programme are sent for recycling into completely new trays.


Wiltshire Farm Foods’ recycling operation includes collecting washed, used, trays directly from customers and sending them back to a specialist recycling facility in Durham to create brand new trays for its meals, containing a minimum of 80 per cent recycled plastic.

A spokesperson for the company said: “This commitment to protecting the environment is of utmost importance to the company, especially with its packaging.

 “It’s one of the few food companies which doesn’t use any secondary packaging such as cardboard sleeves on its meals, not wanting to create needless waste.

“Furthermore, the boxes that meals are delivered in, are reused multiple times by drivers before being recycled.

“With a customer base that averages 82 years of age, and which is passionate to reduce waste and support environmental improvements, Wiltshire Farm Foods is proud of the scheme that currently represents higher collection and recycling rates than kerbside collection.”

Wiltshire Farm Foods delivers its award-winning, prepared meals to more than 150,000 customers nationwide with an estimated 10,700 people over 75 living in the Hereford and South Herefordshire constituency.

Jesse Norman MP said: "Wiltshire Farm Foods do a terrific job of serving my constituents, and this is a fantastic recycling project, for which they deserve warm congratulations."