A SPEEDER caught twice in one day was driving without a valid licence, a court has heard.

Andrew Peter Pannell entered guilty pleas to two counts of speeding and one count of driving without a licence to magistrates in Worcester.

The court heard from the prosecutor that the 55-year-old had been caught breaking the limit while behind the wheel of a Mercedes in a 30 miles per hour zone on the A465 Belmont Road in Hereford on April 22.


He had also been driving without a licence authorising him to drive a vehicle of that class, the court heard.

Pannell had also been caught speeding in a 40 miles per hour zone on the A5 Shotatton Crossroads in Shropshire on the same date, the court heard.

Pannell, of Hazel Terrace, Mountain Ash, was fined a total of £292 and received six penalty points for the offence. He was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of £90 and a £116 victim surcharge.