WHILST concerned of the need for housing, if in fact there is any need in the Herefordshire Core Strategy, it must be built for the right purpose and in the right place to serve the population.

On the one hand the government demands farmers conform to anti-pollution measures, engage in biodiversity with the old BPS and the new SFI scheme just launched. Yet a clear failure in places by the government to provide adequate infrastructure of sewerage works that remove phosphates and nitrates and reduce discharges, roads, schools, surgeries etc to meet the planned growth.

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Developers in vulnerable catchments like the Wye and Lugg may no longer have to show specific mitigation proposals but may have to contribute to a nutrient management scheme run by Natural England, who only recently declared both rivers as unfavourable and declining in water quality.

We have an obligation now and for those that come after us, to protect our rivers, improve quality of water courses and all fish stocks including Atlantic salmon, sea and brown trout, Thwaite shad, and all other fish and mammals inhabiting our rivers and it’s not happening.