MANY of your readers will have heard the item about the dying river Wye on BBC radio 4’s PM programme.

Natural England has downgraded the Wye’s status to “unfavourable and declining”.

It is widely known that a large percentage of the pollution is being caused by Cargill/Avara’s strategy to get rid of their “waste” (ie dead poultry mashed up with poultry poo). There are 24 million poultry being incarcerated along the banks of the Wye at any one time.


We have grown too accustomed to the sight of the lorries passing our homes carrying them to slaughter near Hereford.

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Cargill is a giant US agrifood business that states it is running a “protein business in Europe”. It ships grain for the poultry in from land that was once south American rainforest.

Do we really want this sort of protein and do we want our river and countryside and way of life degraded, despoiled, and dehumanised?

There are better and more ethical jobs to be created in regenerative farming and new technologies to address ecological collapse and climate change.