I could not agree more with your correspondents Caroline Beales and Dermott Marron (Letters, August 17), in deploring the council’s apparent decisions concerning the library site. They echo the opinions of most people I talk to.

Moving the museum to the old library site makes good sense, but an equally good site must be found for our equally priceless resource, the relocated library.


The cheapest site would probably be Friar Street, but this is now clearly proven unsuitable.

Unsurprisingly, the Shire Hall has now been suggested (the council has never seemed to know what to do with it).

While many might consider that the building holding our legal courts might not be the ideal place for a children’s library, has the council even noticed that public access is via steep flights of steps? Parents with toddlers, let alone prams, push-chairs etc, would find this so awkward that they could be deterred from bringing them. The disabled would have similar problems too.

What are your thoughts?

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Maylords is obviously the best site for this priceless resource, which needs to be easily accessible for all the city’s population: centrally situated, bus route and terminus nearby, plenty of parking, indoor and outdoor seating, shops, toilets, nearby cafes.

An earlier correspondent, perhaps deterred by sketches of escalators and lifts, referred to the published plan as a potential “vanity project”, and a firm budgetary hand may need to be applied, but the concept of this as the site is surely the right one in every respect, which would revitalise the whole area.