I stand a little above six foot tall, and yet it is even above my eyeline that someone has chosen to nail a ‘statutory notice’ on a telegraph pole.

The ‘statutory notice’ tells me absolutely nothing except, perhaps, that the exercise is nothing like as transparent an exercise as a planning application notice, that direct people concerned by a prospective housing development or whatever to the council planning department website.


The BT ‘statutory notice’ label appears in block caps, with, “please do not remove this notice” at the bottom. Yet the ‘notice’ appears to be a standard template that lacks detail, as the dotted lines space is all pristine.

What are your thoughts?

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This notice is on the north side of Belmont Road A465, near Hunderton Avenue, and I suppose the planned end result may be another 5G internet mast transmitting electromagnetic frequency waves that may or may not be harmful to bees. Yet I wonder if this is standard practice, and how many other such instances of this phenomenon we need to be wary of ?

And if there’s nothing wrong with 5G masts, why the lack of a transparent consultation process?