IT seems that logic was not on the syllabus at Eton when Sir Bill Wiggin was there.

Compared with many places, Leominster is well served with car parks. Cars will be with us for the foreseeable future but this does not mean that they have to park in Corn Square. The language about Labour and the Greens making war on car owners is simply absurd. Why only car owners, what about other drivers?

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Ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) only applies to older, more polluting vehicles and a £2,000 grant has been offered to help people.

So it is a question of whether you are prepared to jeopardise the heath of future generations in return for maximum motoring freedom now. The life expectancy figures for high and low air pollution zones could not be clearer.

It would be much better for all concerned if Sir Bill helped to promote the use of buses. Professor Les Lumsdon is giving a talk at Grange Court, Leominster on Friday, September 15, at 7pm about the success of the Daffodil Line service connecting Newent, Ledbury and Ross. This has been a great success and was a result of a community-led initiative.

Let’s have something similar in north Herefordshire.

Joe Cocker