MOVING the library to Maylord Orchards was approved by the full council (only one member abstained), together with money, planning approval and the appointment of contractors.

At the last minute the new cabinet of eight members decided to halt construction thereby incurring costs from the contractor for halting the works.

The council is now spending more council tax payers’ money on looking at different sites, including the Shire Hall, risking the loss of funds.

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Tupsley WI members feel that the Shire Hall is totally unsuitable for the project.

WI members support the Maylord Orchards site, which is in a prime position allowing adequate parking, lift to all floors, bus stops right outside and a level site easily within walking distance of shops and restaurants.

WI members feel that this building would attract both the young and the not-so-young and would be totally suitable for disabled access.

We urge the council to stop wasting money and get on with the Maylord Orchards site.

Barbara Glasspoole