I CONCUR with your reader's comments on climate change effects, but otters are a main cause of fish stock depletion in every county in the UK.

The river Kennet in Berkshire has been decimated of barbel and chub stocks due to otters. The River Ouse in Buckinghamshire has also been decimated including many fisheries and ornamental lakes with expensive koi and other species.

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I have been a water bailiff for 20 years and seen the damage they can do.

This season I witnessed a half eaten and still alive carp of around 20lbs full of spawn on the bank. The roe was not eaten and the eggs would never be fertilised.

I observe otters at night hunting. They are formidable and will catch and kill any fish well over 20lbs in weight.


The law regarding otter protection is outdated and requires urgent and effective review similar to foxes. Do not hunt or persecute them but allow control of nuisance otters.

Mark Petersen