BILL Wiggin has once again condemned local and national policies and actions designed to protect us and the world from the effects of global warming (Moss filters before drivers, August 6).

Cars might be essential in rural areas but aren’t in urban areas with good public transport. The Tories have provided minimal incentives to reduce carbon emissions and insulate homes.

The government reduced the money available to local councils so we lost libraries, youth clubs, essential repairs to school buildings and insufficient funds to keep roads in good repair, have almost destroyed the NHS and is now doing all it can to prevent local, national and global attempts to protect the environment.


The Tories are opening coal mines, oil wells and gas sources, and removing the rights of low paid employees to demonstrate for fair living wages.

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Millions of children in families with working adults, as well as sick and disabled people have inadequate incomes for their basic needs. Meanwhile the Tory Party has ensured that the wealthy prosper; how many Cabinet members are millionaires?

I can only hope the Tories are sent packing before most of us get fried up.