PEOPLE have had their say on my letter, calling it a so-called slur on city. My letter (June 22) was in fact a letter of concern for Hereford.

Hereford is dying, literally being suffocated by unnecessary traffic. What percentage of traffic coming into Hereford is through traffic I would suspect it is quite high. Traffic is sat in queues churning out fumes in the centre when it could be on a bypass, clearing routes for people who actually want to go to Hereford. Why most satellite towns to Hereford have got bypasses when the city hasn’t is utter madness.


A spokesperson for BID seemed proud of the fact that only 65 shops were closed, I would call that appalling for a city the size of Hereford indicating serious problems perhaps due to lack of shoppers as can’t get there.

What are your thoughts?

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Letters should not exceed 250 words and local issues take precedence.

I, like many others, choose not to go to Hereford as don’t know whether it will take 20 mins or an hour and 20 mins to do seven miles.

Why can’t councillors work together to get bypass built to improve city rather than scoring petty political points against each other?

Reduce business rates for independent traders and get the shops back open!