LEOMINSTER is a Herefordshire market town trying to attract people from far and wide, it has to compete with Ludlow being just 15 mins away and Hereford half an hour in the other direction.

Leominster is very different from other places and that adds to its charm. It is a real farming community with farming, potato growing, livestock rearing and cider making at the heart of this productive town.


A visit to town on market day feels like you have gone back in time. The friendliness, smiles, laughter and camaraderie around the town is unlike anywhere else, but the shop keepers are struggling.

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Of course we all know there is a cost of living crisis and nobody is able to spend as much as they did on essentials or luxury items. 

However, you can be assured of a very warm welcome and good old fashioned service when you do visit one of the shops which are a fabulous mix of antique shops, independents, chain stores, coffee shops and bars to name but a few.


Hope Under Dinmore