POLICE have arrested a man and charged him with several offences including burglaries of a pharmacy and a shop, both in Leominster.

Police suspect that he stole a number of goods from the Westfield Walk pharmacy on Saturday August 12, and confirmed that he has been wanted for a burglary of the Original Factory Shop in Leominster since July 16.

He is also accused of pocketing someone else's prescription drugs and other items, which police found in his possession at the time of arrest.


Adam Stobbart, a police officer in Leominster, said: "In the early hours of Saturday August 12 police received a call at Westfield Walk doctors surgery in Leominster. Police attended straight away to report that it had been broken into.

"Officers with the dog unit searched the surrounding area and a short while later, police located a number of items of property from the premise and arrested and searched a male. He was found to have a number of stolen goods from the pharmacy in his possession, in addition to controlled substances and property of another victim, whom early that night had the items stolen from them.

"This male was also wanted by police for another burglary offence at the Factory Store in Leominster, from a few weeks earlier.

"I am pleased to report that all stolen property has been recovered and the male has been charged with a number of offences. He has been remanded by police and is awaiting court.

"If you have any information that you feel would be useful please contact the police on 101.

"I would like to thank members of the public, who aided police in their investigation."