WE are disturbed and disappointed that on July 12, members of the Wye Catchment Nutrient Management Board (NMB) narrowly voted to move to a closed session to discuss reform of the governance of the NMB.

Why would such a proposal need to be discussed in secret?

The statutory environmental agencies have put forward a proposal for ‘a governance refresh’ which appears to suggest that public scrutiny is preventing them from making progress. It has been voluntary groups who have informed the public of the true magnitude of river pollution, not the agencies or politicians who are responsible for our environment.


Yet while we have pushed for change, we are somehow now being framed as an impediment to change and being excluded. 

The statutory agencies propose that an ‘executive leadership group’ made up of the agencies and local authorities should meet in private.

What are your thoughts?

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We think it is a disgrace that public bodies funded by public money want to shut out the public. We urge the statutory agencies to reconsider and hold their reform discussions in public. Secret deals done behind closed doors are more likely to lead to cosy compromises that let polluters off the hook.


Clifford, chair of Friends of the Upper Wye