TRADERS in Leominster have been successful in their battle to save the town’s annual festive market.

The Victorian Christmas market, which usually takes place on Corn Square and Broad Street, was set to be cancelled as a result of planned roadworks throughout November and December.

The cancellation came as a shock to the community and frustrated local businesses, with many relying on the influx of custom brought by the event. Locals were upset by the decision too and a petition to save the event garnered widespread support, the total signatures now standing at over 1,000.


According to Simon Powell, who runs the Motif gift shop in nearby Drapers Lane with wife Sally, extensive conversations were had between the council and local businesses as a result of the popular petition.

Despite a feeling that proceedings were somewhat restricted by the wider county council, the Leominster representatives were supportive of the campaign to save the market and happy to listen to suggestions.

As many of the details of the planned roadworks are up in the air, with no definite dates or contractors, the market will not be going ahead in its usual form this year. An alternative has been devised, however, with many of the familiar Victorian Market staples set to return on December 9.

Whilst an official proposal has not been presented, the general intention is for the market to be a multi-venue event hosted in privately-owned public spaces around the town, such as the Grange Court and the Priory.

Processions, morris dancing and other forms of traditional entertainment are expected to add to the Christmas merriment.