IT is surprising that 100 health professionals were needed to decide upon a health strategy for Herefordshire (Twin goals to promote better health in Herefordshire).

May I make a couple of suggestions. First, fluoridate the tap water. This has been known for decades to reduce tooth decay, and Herefordshire is one of the few places that does not do this.


No wonder Herefordshire has some of the worst cases of childhood tooth decay.

And if the health professionals had cared to read the popular science press, they would be aware of work in the USA which explains the simple relationships between diet, exercise and obesity in humans and a range of animals, and which would be invaluable, even essential, in efforts to tackle obesity in the population.

What are your thoughts?

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Thus I cannot understand why a meeting, presumably at great expense, of so many health professionals was needed when answers are readily available to anyone with a passing interest in such problems.