OH what a surprise! The cabinet recommendation is to abandon the project to move the library to Maylords (Shock new library plan).

This well-worked, consulted on, affordable and deliverable project is being ditched in favour of a yet to be worked up project for the Shirehall.


I recall the Conservatives referring to our Maylords project as being “vanity”. They should look in a mirror.

The risk to the residents of Herefordshire is that we end up with nothing new because the costs at the Shirehall are too great and cannot be justified.

It is not right that a party that secured 35 per cent of the vote at the last election, and has a minority of councillors, makes this decision. Democracy requires at the very least for the decision to make this U-turn to be taken by full council.

What are your thoughts?

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I call on the leader of the council to pass this decision to cancel the Maylords project to a meeting of full council.


Deputy leader, Independents for Herefordshire

NOTE: Since this letter was written the council’s cabinet agreed, under pressure, to pause the Maylord option for now rather than cancel it outright.