I COULDN’T agree more with Gloucestershire councillor Philip Robinson on the appalling state of Herefordshire roads (Awful roads are mocked, July 6).

As a local driving instructor, I’m on the roads more than most and it’s unarguable that they have been rapidly deteriorating for months, if not years. There was an old saying in these parts, sadly true, that there was no need for any “Welcome to Wales” sign, because the road surface invariably told you precisely when you crossed the border.

And this is far from just an issue for car drivers, concerned for their tyres.


Recently, one of my pupils hit an extremely deep pothole on the A4110 Canon Pyon Road, and thankfully my tyre survived. But had a cyclist or a motorcycle rider hit that hole, it could very easily completely dismount them with potentially fatal consequences.

That is no exaggeration and very concerning.

So former councillor John Harrington’s blasé reply, seeking to brush aside the concerns of Mr Robinson, should be treated with the full contempt it deserves.



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