IN common with many disabled people, I need to use a small wheeled walker to get around.

The handlebars need to be gripped firmly, however jarring to the arms this becomes, to prevent tipping over on irregular or sloping surfaces (and Hereford city centre certainly abounds in these!). A fall could have life-changing consequences.

I had a nasty scare last week in High Town. There were quite a lot of people strolling about in the pleasant weather, but it was not crowded. I was crossing the long ridges outside Smiths when a cyclist, approaching silently from behind, missed me by inches and, without stopping, continued through groups of people toward Eign Gate.


From the open-air cafe, in the time it took me to finish my recovery coffee I counted seven cyclists. Two were walking their bikes but, unfortunately, their wholly responsible behaviour was not shared by the other five.

One hurtled from High Street toward the Old House, head hunched over the handlebars as though in the Tour de France, scattering pedestrians as he went. Two were cycling together, meandering an unpredictably erratic course and deep in conversation. Two were teenage boys racing each other, hurtling from Eign Gate to the Old House, where they showed off practising some stunts before dashing away towards St Owens Street.

However skilful cyclists may be, should pedestrians have to put up with this?

It would seem only a matter of time before there could be a serious accident. Short of confining non-cyclists to their homes, what can be done to prevent it?



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