MICHAEL Quiney (Letters, June 22) wrote: “With the amount of money wasted talking about the bypass for last 30 years, it could have been built.”

Traveline says several buses go between Kilpeck and Hereford’s city centre, Monday to Saturday.

Yet his letter implies that the only way into Hereford city centre from Kilpeck is by car and the only other people he speaks to about travel options to Hereford are other car owners.


The dominant or prevailing narrative of your Opinion page seems to me to be about Hereford A-roads’ traffic congestion, the predominance of potholes, and lack of a bypass, as if those are all the fault of the 2019- 23 coalition of Herefordshire Council. That was the narrative put forward by the ‘let’s get rid of this lot’ lobby leading into shire council elections that ousted that coalition.

Yet, since polling day, National Highways has advised that there will be no new road building until at least 2035.

All the same, those decades of ‘talk’ have firmly fixed an illusory bypass in many of the county’s residents’ mental landscapes, just as time without a smartphone is unimaginable to many other minds.



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