A HEREFORDSHIRE Volvo driver caught speeding twice in the same day and again just a month later has been banned from the roads.

Henry Charles Anthony Hyde-Thompson entered guilty pleas to three counts of exceeding a temporary 50 miles per hour speed restriction on a motorway when he appeared before magistrates in Hereford.

The court heard from the prosecutor that the 69-year-old had been clocked breaking the limit while behind the wheel of a Volvo in a 50 miles per hour zone on the M5 southbound between junctions six and seven on October 6.


He was caught breaking the 50 miles per hour limit again on the M5 northbound between junctions seven and six that same day.

He was further caught speeding in a 50 miles per hour zone on the same stretch of motorway while heading southbound on November 10, the court heard.

Hyde-Thompson, of Bromsberrow, Ledbury, was fined a total of £208, received three penalty points, and was disqualified from driving for 28 days.

He was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of £90 and an £82 victim surcharge.