CROWDS once again gathered in Bromyard at the weekend for the town's annual scarecrow festival. 

The popular event has been taking place since 2007 ever since Richard and Monica Orgee saw a festival in Devizes and thought something similar could be enjoyed in Bromyard. 

Partipants have to make scarecrows to a particular theme, which have varied over the years to include titles of songs, books and landmarks. 

An additional element is that festival committee devise a competition with cryptic clues. It requires entrants to guess the name of the scarecrow and to match it to the clue. 


The weekend kicked off on Friday (June 9) with the parade of the scarecrows from the churchyard through the town, led by a marching band. 

First prize and receiving the Orgee Cup as well as £75 was Bromyard Guides for its garden depicting the seven dwarves. 

Second place meanwhile went to Pencombe School, who will receive £50, while Rowden School was third for its Elton John and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road scarecrow. 

"Our Scarecrow Festival went very well, from the parade on Friday evening through to the remainder of the weekend – with great help from the wonderful weather," said Lynne Wilkins, Bromyard Scarecrow Festival Committee Secretary.