PEOPLE in all sorts of fancy dress will once again be racing through Kington as the town celebrates the annual wheelbarrow race on Saturday. 

The event, organised by Kington Festival, dates back to 1976, with the streets packed each year.

And as is the tradition, competitiors will be stopping at each pub along the way to grab aswift half-pint of ale before dashing to the next stop. 


The race is not for the faint-hearted though - competitors are expected to keep up a strong pace and consuming the beer against the clock. 

Stops en-toute are The Oak, The Swan, The Oxford, The Golf Club (by Gravel Hill), The Tavern, The Football Club (by Kington Court), The Lion Cafe, The Wine Vaults and The Burton.

A number of roads will be closed from 6pm to 8.30pm while the race takes place.

  • High Street (from the junction of Church Street to Duke Street)
  • Duke Street (from High Street to Victoria Street)
  • Victoria Road (from junction with Duke Street and junction with Market Hall Street)
  • Bridge Street (from junction with High Street to junction with Market Hall Street)
  • Mill Street (from junction with High Street to junction with Crabtree Road)
  • Church Street (from junctionw ith High Street to junction with Church Road)
  • Church Road (from junction with Church Street to junction with Doctors Lane)
  • Doctors Lane

Anyone taking part is asked to be in the playground for 6pm in order to be registered and judged before the race starts. Entry costs £3.50 per person.

More information can be found here.