IT is tiresome to read regular misinformation from Sir Bill Wiggin MP, in the comment section of the Hereford Times, most recently May 11.

It is not possible read the minds of the electorate. However, across England, voters appeared unconvinced by the Prime Minister’s empty rhetoric about ‘halving inflation, increasing growth’, etc. This might explain the loss of 1,060 seats for Conservative councillors, nationally, along with the loss of control of 48 councils.

Nor does Sir Bill’s repeated attribution of the failings of Herefordshire children’s services, solely to the recent Herefordshire Council administration, bear scrutiny.

An impartial person should read the report to the Minister of State for Children and Families by Children’s Commissioner, Eleanor Brazil, March 2023. This document is in the public domain. The report makes explicit the failings of Herefordshire children’s services for over a decade and more.


It would be more constructive for our two Conservative Herefordshire MPs to acknowledge the undeniable impact of austerity budgets on services for children and families, nationally and locally, and the misery this caused.

Finally, it was galling to see local Conservatives campaigning on the delivery of more affordable housing. This seems like another empty soundbite and is a bit rich coming from Conservative candidates.

The root cause for our current housing crisis was the sale of council housing by Margaret Thatcher’s government and the failure to re-invest in social housing stock.



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