A HEREFORDSHIRE MP has called for the western bypass to be put back on the table as the Conservatives take back control of Herefordshire Council.

Sir Bill Wiggin, Member of Parliament for North Herefordshire, has expressed "cautious hope for Herefordshire" after the recent nominations for Council positions.

Conservative group leader Jonathan Lester was empowered to appoint a cabinet to run the county after the vote at a full council meeting on May 19.

Former Conservative leader in the county Councillor Roger Phillips was earlier elected chairman of the council, defeating the Liberal Democrats’ candidate Coun Ed O’Driscoll and Coun Stef Simmons of the Greens.


Sir Bill said: “I was very glad to see Coun Roger Phillips elected as council chairman and Coun Jonathan Lester elected as leader of the council.

“They are both fine representatives for Herefordshire and have shown tireless service over many years.

“So I expect that the new administration will be a shot in the arm for the county but the hard work undoing the mess of the Green-Independent coalition must start now.

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“I urge the new council to answer our high hopes with action on potholes, Children’s Services, funding for rural areas, and binning the failed vanity schemes of the previous council such as moss filters and cargo bikes.

“Above all I hope to see the return of the proposed Hereford western bypass which will do far more to cut pollution in the city than any other scheme.

“In the meantime the local elections showed that people want action on simple priorities like filling the potholes and I am optimistically hopeful that this Council will deliver on those priorities.”