IT is high time the council was taken to task for the mismanagement of its grasscutting responsibility.

The issue has been raised in your pages before but nothing has changed.

To residents who make use of the Bishops Meadow and playing fields, the area becomes barely usable after each grass-cutting fiasco where dead grass is left as detritus for weeks on end.

Swathes of earth are gouged out by the machinery with no regard for the look of the area or the damage inflicted. Grass covers shoes, dogs, and is churned up by football and other activities.


It blows everywhere and is soggy in the wet. Hayfever and asthma sufferers have to steer clear.

The council’s environmental committee has a duty towards environmental welfare and custodianship. The website boasts they ‘protect and enhance our environment and keep Herefordshire a great place to live.’

As far as grass-cutting goes, they abrogate their responsibility. I have raised the issue with the council, only to receive a rote reply that money is short.

Those of us who pay council tax should have a right to influence how it is used for our benefit and the enhancement of the environment.



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