I AM able to remember Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. Then I was struck by the heaviness of the crown and robes representing the weight of the commitment on such vulnerable shoulders.

Now I am better able to appreciate King Charles and his long experience in preparing for this role, and the troubled path to form a loving partnership with Queen Camilla.

It is their individual life-long commitment to voluntary community effort that has culminated in such a celebratory weekend. Self-importance played no part. Awe-inspiring collaboration inspired people from far and wide to achieve performances beyond their own expectations.


The Sunday concert was another such occasion.

Technology brought together so many aspects of our culture and communities. So much diversity with a common spirit, humility of taking part in a significant event. It will go down in history as a occasion we can be truly proud of.

I want Herefordshire to cherish that spirit. May our new council unite all our voluntary efforts and enable those who feel excluded. Can we be inspired to reach consensus and regeneration?

Let us showcase our wonderful county and its diverse people and talents. Each of us has a part to play. Let’s make it for the common good.