A HEREFORDSHIRE farmer's prison sentence has been described as 'justice for the river Lugg' by Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.

Kingsland farmer John Price was today (May 17) sent back to prison after appealing his 12-month prison sentence for illegal works carried out to the river Lugg in Herefordshire.

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The charges related to works carried out by Price in November 2020 and December 2021, during which he removed silt and gravel from the riverbed, removed trees, reprofiled the riverbank and failed to prevent agricultural pollution.

He had carried out works on a Site of Special Scientific Interest without consent, contravened a stop notice, contravened the Environmental Permitting Regulations and contravened the Reduction and Prevention of Agricultural Diffuse Pollution Regulations.


His sentence was reduced by Judge Nicholas Cole at Worcester Crown Court to 10 months.

Jamie Audsley, chief executive of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, said: “Sentencing is not a matter for the Wildlife Trusts and we respect the vourt’s decision in relation to the appeal of John Price.

“Our concern is for the huge damage that was caused to 1.5km of the River Lugg and the destruction of wildlife habitats, the river is home to otters and salmon, and lampreys – we are keen to see restoration of the river begin as soon as possible because it will take decades to fully recover.

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"We hope the fact this incident was taken very seriously by the court will act as a deterrent to prevent similar incidents in the future. It highlights how seriously our statutory agencies treat such breaches of regulations.

“Herefordshire Wildlife Trust has worked hard with communities, landowners and farmers, over the last decade in the Lugg Valley, to restore river habitats and to support natural flood management schemes. We look forward to continuing this positive work with our many partners.”