THE eco-zealots (with full stomachs) will undoubtedly be delighted with the conviction of John Price for what the judge described as “industrial scale eco-vandalism”.

Really? How would he describe the vandalism by the Government in the construction of HS2?

Mr Price’s actions were borne purely of frustration at the inaction of the relevant authorities and the necessity to protect his home, business and local properties from flooding.

Before condemning him, consider the fact that Mr Price is an excellent and efficient farmer who had dedicated his life to producing many thousands of tons of potatoes and corn to feed countless families.

We live on a tiny, overcrowded island and worldwide population growth is inevitably leading to food shortages, so why on earth are we locking up someone who contributes so much to our wellbeing?


It is pertinent to note that Mr Price is 68 years old, an age when most people have long since retired, but he has chosen to continue to use his skills to grow crops – something he must now bitterly regret.

There are many old sayings which have stood the test of time because they have been proven to be true. One that comes to mind is ‘never bite the hand that feeds you’. This has obviously become outdated.

What an ungrateful, vindictive society we have become when we incarcerate this man and categorise him with murderers, rapists, and drug dealers when his only crime was to protect his property and livelihood.



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