WHY, in your article (Must farms lose livestock to solve pollution in the Wye, April 20) was there not a single mention of the 16-20 million of poultry now in Herefordshire?

There is plenty of well-founded evidence that poultry manure spread on the land year after year has been allowed to flow unchecked into the Wye and all its tributaries; it is a major contributor to the agricultural pollutants destroying the wildlife of almost all our watercourses.


Why is there no reference to the prime instigator of the massive increase in poultry numbers during the last 20 years, namely Avara?

You focused on one possible solution being considered by Herefordshire Council to reduce the amount of agricultural pollutants. The particular solution being “... a reduction in livestock numbers and facilitating community-led sustainable agricultural practices.”

You cite possible reductions of cattle and sheep alongside an emotive photograph that implies the end of the Hereford bull.

But why the totally astonishing omission of the one type of livestock that has contributed as much or more than any other to the polluting destruction of what was an internationally important bio-zone?

Why are you and many other influencers in the county so craven to Avara?

In the USA, Avara has recently been issued with a court order to stop depositing any more manure on state land and to clean up all the land that they have knowingly been polluting since the 1980s.

When will that happen here?